Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM shows a big appetite for millets, pushes for tech-driven economy

“Union Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: Nirmala Sitharaman comes straight to the point. Focuses on rural India in her speech, adding that the Centre will spend Rs 2 lakh cr on free food grains for all priority households under PM scheme”.

Union Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM sees India growing at 7% in the current year. This is in line with the first advance estimates and what the Economic Survey also reiterated. In her 5th Budget speech, the FM pushed for a tech and knowledge-driven India. The buzz is that Nirmala Sitharaman’s fifth budget will have sops for India’s middle class and lower middle class, while she balances between populism and prudence. One key announcement is likely to be on changes to the income tax structure.


  • Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM Sitharaman says…

    Railways capex outlay of 2.40 lakh crore, highest ever; 9x of what was in 2013

    PM Awas Yojana outlay hiked by 66 pc to Rs 79,000 cr

    Govt to provide Rs 5,300 cr assistance to drought-prone central region of Karnataka

    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: Market reacts to Capex hike

    Capex outlay increased by 33% to Rs 10 lakh crore for FY24. At this level, public capex will be 3.3% of GDP. Equity indices are in the green so far. But bond markets are getting jittery as expenditure looks elevated so far. 10-year bond yield has climbed 2 basis points to 7.38% since the FM announced the hike in capex outlay. A lower fiscal deficit will cool bond markets.

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:37 AM IST
    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: Nifty at day’s high!

    Nifty rebounds, now again marching towards day’s highs. FIIs are heavily short in index futures. Over the last few expiry series, this has typically resulted in short covering. Can domestic traders win this round as well?

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:36 AM IST
    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM proposes more long-term loans to states for capex

    The 50-year, interest free loan to states for capex purposes has now been increased to Rs 1.3 lakh crore, 30 percent more than what was allocated for 2022-23. The finance ministry has previously said there has been huge demand for these interest-free loans from states.

    The 50-year, interest free loan to states will be part of the Centre’s capex. While budgetary support for capex has been pegged at Rs 10 lakh crore, the effective capital expenditure of the government has been estimated at Rs 13.7 lakh crore for 2023-24. In contrast, the effective capital expenditure for 2022-23, as per the budget estimate, was Rs 10.68 lakh crore.

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:35 AM IST
    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: Market shuns higher agricultural credit target

    Market does not seem to be taking the higher agricultural credit target kindly. The NSE PSU Bank index is under pressure, down 0.74 percent even as the Nifty Bank Index as a whole is up 1.2 percent.

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:33 AM IST

    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM Sitharaman announces another big jump in capex

    At Rs 10 lakh crore, the Centre’s capex target for 2023-24 is 33 percent higher than the budget estimate of Rs 7.5 lakh crore for 2022-23. The government’s focus on capex to boost economic growth cannot be denied. But what really matters is the revival of the private investment cycle. For the private sector, the situation is one of what comes first: chicken or the egg? Investments are undertaken when capacity utilisation crosses 80 percent or so and demand is anticipated to grow. With India’s GDP growth expected to weaken in 2023-24 and global growth too seen slowing down and hitting India’s exports, the private sector has been waiting on the sidelines, leading to the finance minister publicly asking the industry a few months ago why they weren’t investing. [Siddharth Upasani, Special Correspondent]

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:31 AM IST

    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM Sitharaman unleashes the Capex bazooka

    FM has proposed to increase capital expenditure by 33 percent to Rs 10 lakh crore, which would be 3.3 percent of the GDP.

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:29 AM IST

    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: Agriculture stocks in focus

    Shares of Kaveri Seeds, Mangalam Seeds, Bombay Burmah are trading in the green. In her Budget 2023 speech, FM sitharaman has proposed to increase agricultural credit to Rs 20 lakh crore. The government would also be launching a new scheme of PM MATSYA SAMPADA YOJANA. This should help boost agriculture demand.

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:25 AM IST
    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM gives a big boost to agritech startups

    The government announced digital public infrastructure for agriculture which will enable inclusive farmer-centric services that are relevant for crop protection, in what is a shot in the arm for agritech startups in the country. Agritech startups bucked the funding slowdown of 2022 and raised large sums from investors but India is yet to get its first agritech unicorn. With the government building digital public infrastructure for agriculture, will agritech startups attract more funding this year and grow faster? [Nikhil Patwardhan, Correspondent, Tech and startups]

  • FEBRUARY 01, 2023 / 11:23 AM IST
    Budget 2023 LIVE Updates: FM Sitharaman says… 

    157 nursing colleges to be set up

    9.6 cr LPG connections, 220 cr Covid vax for 102 cr people given, 47.8 cr JanDhan accounts opened

    Govt to launch a Rs 2,200 crore Aatmanirbhar clean plan programme


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